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Posted 11.07.2015 By Elizabeth


Imagine shopping on line at different stores and being able to merge the photos of what you like into one place to see how the outfit looks together. Now image that you like what you see and you would like to purchase all the items. It would be pretty time consuming to “check out” from each on line store. What if there were an app that put all the items from the difference stores into one universal on line shopping cart allowing you to just check out once? Good news, that technology now exists with the app called Miner. Miner provides you with access to the latest styles and sales from your favorite stores and brings it to you all in one beautiful (free) iPhone app. You can easily sort by what’s new and on sale, or search for exactly what you need. Miner shows you all your options, and lets you buy with a single touch. On Miner app, you can view everything together, facilitating side-by-side comparisons of items across your phone screen. Pull together an outfit with components from different stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Banana Republic and Forever 21—and pay for them together. Retailers guidelines on free shipping, loyalty programs and returns are not affected by the app. 

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